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Class 10 Sample Papers
Wednesday,13 June 2012

Sometimes, in our life many of us come across some common questions which bring lots of question mark and confusion beforehand. For instance, ‘What is your aim in life’ is one such question which compels us to schedule our present in such a way so that we reach our dream hopes and aspirations. Quire often, many of us determine our future from the time of our high school and therefore, choose subjects according to our field of interest.

Now, if you talk about the building blocks of your dream future, then it is quite impossible to overlook the academics of 10th class.  The Class X syllabus in India either comes under the control of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the state-board. While the CBSE board include CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern that covers all developmental aspects of a student throughout the year, the state-board exam for class 10 take place once a year and the result of a student totally depend upon his/her performance in the examination hall.

The 10th class syllabus is inclusive of various subjects like social science, science, Maths , English, Hindi/Sanskrit  and each subject covers good number of topics, both big and small. Each subject carries importance from the examinations perspective and as such equal weightage should be given to all of them. However, for many students the syllabus is too vast too be completed in a year and as such, confusion rises when selecting the most important chapters. 

One best way to complete the entire syllabus within a limited time frame is sample papers. 10th class sample papers act as an excellent study material for students who are going to appear class 10 board exam. You may also term the sample papers as question papers since the questions are set in the examination pattern and include marks as per the latest syllabus.

  • Sample Papers of Class 10 Maths

The sample papers of 10th class mathematics include questions of algebra, real numbers, polynomials, linear equations, triangles, arithmetic progressions, coordinate geometry, trigonometry and many more. The questions are complemented with diagrams as required.

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  • Sample Papers of Class 10 Science

Sample papers/sample question papers of X science include multiple-choice questions, long answer questions for electricity, light, life process, reproduction, natural resources, metals, non-metals, chemical reaction and equations, periodic classifications, acids, bases etc. The questions of physics, chemistry and biology are complemented with diagrams as required.

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  • Sample Papers of Class 10 Social Science

10th social science sample papers include selective questions of history, geography, economics, civics and indicates the most important questions of chapters viz: ‘The Rise of Nationalism in Eurpoe’, ‘The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China’, ‘The Age of Industrialization’, ‘Agriculture’, Water Resources’, ‘Money & Credit’, ‘Globalization’, ‘Consumer Rights’ and so on.

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  • Sample Papers of Class 10 English

Sample papers of 10th English include grammar questions, comprehensions, passages and textbooks questions with distribution of marks as per the syllabus. Practicing sample questions act as an outstanding way to judge the knowledge of grammar and topics within the course of 10 board exam.

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