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Class 11 Sample Papers
Wednesday,20 June 2012

Having received the passing certificate of 10th class, you can now boast of to have stepped into the ladder of senior secondary course. The academic courses of class XI will offer you varied option for selecting subjects of your choice under 3 possible streams viz: Science, Arts and Commerce.  You have the chance to choose subjects of your interest and decide your bright future ahead.

However, selecting a subject/stream is a big decision to make and at times, students get confused to make an apt judgment from their career point of view. The possible reason loiter somewhere around their parents’ choice or their inability to understand their field of interest.  If you are going through such disturbance, then here’s a quick idea to make right decision at the right time-

Check out the sample papers of class XI and you may understand the kind of lessons that are covered in the 11th class syllabus. Another, possible way is to take a look at the online video lectures of class 11 subjects and to analyze, if the topics are able to catch-hold of your attention and you find interest in them. 

When talking about sample papers, one cannot deny the fact that, these are important study materials often used as practice papers before examination-time. For suppose, take the example of class XI physics sample papers which contains multiple choice physics questions, physics problems with illustrations, important terms etc. The sample questions carry marks as per the latest school syllabus and help students to learn the skill of time-management along with practicing the important questions for the exam.

If you are looking for CBSE class XI sample papers, then spare out some time to check Extraminds-world’s 1st free edusocial portal for free education online and social networking. The portal offers free sample papers of previous year’s exam and help students to prepare for the upcoming class test/final exams.

  • Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics:

CBSE Class 11 Physics carries important chapters like light, unit & measurements, motion, gravitation, properties of solids, thermodynamics etc. Many times, students find difficulty in completing the entire syllabus and therefore seek relevant questions as suggestions for exam. Physics sample papers on Extraminds act as a guide to direct students with frequently asked physics questions.

For Free Class XI Physics Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

  • Sample Papers for Class 11 Chemistry:

Chapters like chemical bonding, molecular structures, classification of elements, structure of atom and many more include complex chemical equations, atomic diagrams and formulas. Chemistry sample questions, therefore suggest important topics to study for exam and help students to score high marks.

For Free Class XI Chemistry Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

  • Sample Papers for Class 11 Biology:

The chapters in class XI biology demands considerable power of memorization. Topics like animal kingdom, morphology of flowering plants, cell, biomolecules, and photosynthesis are unavoidable content from examination point of view. Biology sample papers are great materials to practice questions along with essential diagrams.

For Free Class XI Biology Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

  •  Sample Papers for Class 11 Maths

The senior secondary course of mathematics include both simple and complex chapters. A thorough practice of maths questions help students to develop problem-solving ideas and completion of particular set of questions within a limited time-span.

For Free Class XI Maths Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

  • Sample Papers for Class 11 Accountancy:

Class 11 syllabus for commerce introduces the concept of accounting, financial transaction, balance sheet and other commercial terms. The subject is new and therefore requires proper practice. Sample papers are more than just a question bank to score high in the final exam of accountancy.

For Free Class XI Accountancy Sample Papers, CLICK HERE


  • Sample Papers for Class 11 Economics:

The CBSE syllabus for 11 class economics introduces the concept of economics, importance of statistics in economics, index numbers and many more. Sample papers suggest must-read terms and topics to the students and help them with easy preparation of economics.

For Free Class XI Economics Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

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