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Class 9 Sample Papers
Monday,11 June 2012

What best thing do you consider when preparing lessons? Is it listening to classroom lectures, digging out guide books or memorizing notes? Though these process of learning works wonder to practice lessons but such ways may remain incomplete unless you find process to analyze your preparation. Here comes the need of sample papers. This kind of study material includes frequently asked questions with distribution of marks for each topic and is generally used to judge the practice undertaken for a particular subject.

If you are studying under the realm of CBSE board then you can now have class 9 sample papers online on Extraminds.  The CBSE sample papers for class IX include all the subjects viz, maths, science, social science, English, Hindi etc. The best part of the sample papers is that you will have idea of the 9th class question papers and marks allotted to each chapter according to your latest CBSE syllabus. By practicing the sample questions, you can learn ways of time-management while solving simple and complex questions within a limited time-frame of 3 hours.

  • Sample Papers for Class 9 Maths

9th class mathematics is more than memorizing formulas and geometrical diagrams. You should be skilled enough to understand the type of questions set for the exams and the easy problem-solving tricks in least possible time. Therefore, maths sample papers for class IX board exam are must-practice stud materials.

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  • Sample Papers for Class 9 Science

The IX science syllabus includes chapters of biology, physics and chemistry and each topic is important from the exam point-of-view. By solving science sample questions, you will be able to build confidence in your learning ability and can score good marks in the final exam.

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  • Sample Papers for Class 9 Social Science

Social Science syllabus for class IX CBSE board includes topics of history, geography, civics and economics. By following sample papers, you can have brief idea of the important questions to learn. You have the chance to practice questions at home and gain mastery in particular topic.

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  • Sample Papers for Class 9 English

Class 9 English sample papers include passage, comprehension, grammar questions, textbook questions and others according to the latest CBSE pattern. The IX sample papers with English questions are helpful for those who want to learn English not only for academic purposes but also for professional growth.

To Get Free 9 Class English Sample Papers, CLICK HERE

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