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Important Formula for Students of Class X
Monday,24 October 2011

Keeping a list of important formula for students is pre-requisite for efficient learning. Students should make a list of these formulae, make charts subject wise and topic wise as they go on learning. Whether you studying algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus in maths, physics and chemistry in science, or rules of grammar in various languages, the best way keep learning them is repetitive reading and application. Creating charts and hanging them over your study place, or creating booklets and keeping them in your pockets and remembering and relooking them to verify can be immense help.

Some of the important fundamental formula for student to remember can well begun from as early as Grade 5. The summation and multiplication of mathematical operators with different signs. Many students tend to overlook the fact that maths and science are subjects learnt in continuation unlike language or social studies, even where they have some kind of underlying continuity. Most either try to overlook simple fundamental formulae or either jumble forumulae. An example of jumbling of formulae is when people write the expansion of (a+b)2 for (a-b)2 or writing the formula of the expansion of the (a-b)3 for (a+b)3. The jumble or confusion is due lack of confidence in earlier mentioned summation and multiplication of signs which most over look. Another fact one has to kept adhering to is the keeping the variable constant. Many assume variable a and bs and end up mentioning the results in x and ys. You lose a whole lot of marks if you fail to stick on to the list of variables listed for assumption throughout the sum. Paper setters to jumble students repeat the sums from end of lesson exercises with changed variables. The same applies to sums where the signs are interchanged and the same sum is included in the question papers. You know the steps and answers well so though the read the questions properly you end up writing step which you had practiced from the end of lesson and end of losing marks thereon. Therefore, formulae of maths or science should be listed and thoroughly learnt and should make to your finger tips every time. And the best way is to create chart or booklets or both.

Class X formulae list should not only list the formulae of the class x syllabus of maths but those from you earlier classes which can be useful for revision and come in handy to remember you new formulae. Similary, Trignometric formulae have their own variation of sine, cosine, tan, sec, cot with combination of signs and angles. List all these trigonometric formulae in you charts and booklet.

Similar exercise of listing of formulae for science in case of physics and chemistry is important. Some of the formula of these subjects are important for solving sums and applications. At the Class X level only simple application problems in Physics and Chemistry are asked and you have an advantage to score full marks by writing a few steps. Also, remembering chemistry symbols of elements, their atomic weights, atomic number, their classification is important.

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