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NCERT Sample Papers of Class 11th
Wednesday,21 September 2011

NCERT sample papers are effective learning aids for students. The sample papers can help you discover the subject. The subjects you choose at this level of academic learning are chosen out of your own interest. You want to fill your curiosity with the knowledge of the subject. You want to understand what lies deeper in the subject matter to fulfill your process of discovery and curiosity. You are trying to get hand on things which you feel you should be able to do handle independently. You want to master those difficult concepts and correlate them with your own understanding to fuel your enthusiasm to experiment further and learn.

Sample papers of class 11th fuel your curiosity and discovery process without doubt. The papers also help you as a self-learning aid. The syllabus for Class 11th is vast and your preparation for examination cannot limit you to just one text book. You have to learn from more than one or more books to understand the treatment meted to the concept and accept which is easily understandable. That enables you to understand various perspectives on subjects and concepts and the way of representing. You can achieve the same with sample papers when you answer various questions on a concept.

11th class sample papers can be added learning aid to direct your effort to prepare for the examination. Most of the sample papers are modeled on the past examination papers. Most of these paper sets compiled to cover the whole syllabus. The questions in the papers will comprehend the whole lessons and concepts in the form of various questions. These sample papers come with solutions. That can help you compare you answer with the solution give to understand the gaps in your studies and presentation. The comparative evaluation will help come up with the proper solutions to present in the examination.

NCERT 11th Class is your first year out of the traditional or conventional schooling. Personal attention from your teachers will be difficult and will be at an asking with the constraints of classroom teaching. But the sample papers could be an enabler in the learning in that situation. These papers are set by experts who have years of teaching and evaluation experience and have depth of knowledge in their own subjects. They understand the subject, the evaluation procedure, and how to present the answers in the exams. Therefore, you will get the advantage of their rich learning experience added by your efforts.

How useful do you think can be edusocial corners developing as a result of combinations of social networking sites and online education. The e learning tools provided on the sites include sample papers for Class 11th with other learning resources to supplement your academics. These sites are fast gaining popularity among the student oriented academically along with social networking. These different level sample papers help you prepare in a step-by-step process. The expert support provides to learners on these sites through chat interface help you through the learning process and self-evaluation anytime.

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