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NCERT Sample Papers of Class 7th
Tuesday,20 September 2011

NCERT sample papers are now freely available everywhere. These sample papers are easily available in the printed format in the form of books with either only the page index at the end of the book and the contents list at the beginning of the book to search and select a subject or a paper. These are the only relief of going page by page to search for what you want from the book available. If you decide to go page after page every time it is a time consuming exercise and waste your invaluable time. What is best option other that these books?

Sample Papers of Class 7th can be available in your school libraries. But you will find a few copies making it difficult to get for your turn in time. If at all you get the copy to borrow with a short period notice to return you cannot go through them or keep it with you for long unless you either prefer to photocopy them or write all the questions meticulously without making any mistakes in a notebook which is again time consuming exercise. By doing all these exercises you will still be limited by choice of a few sample papers.

Another option to have these 7th class sample papers is to get CD/DVDs which many also available in your school library. Many of these devices are available could be old and many of such products do not allow you to test the products at their outlets. Therefore, you are not sure of the content. These storage devices limit your resources even if it paid for. You cannot have regular update on the content when there is annual revision of syllabus from the CBSE board. Even though, some of the publishers today provide a online update for such devices you are not sure when you are likely to get it.

NCERT 7th Class is a bridge year for students you will move on to high school, that is class 8th. It is your last in the middle school and penultimate year of your high school. You have undergo a lot of training to enter the high school years in your self learning process to prepare for the high school studies. You have to increase the degree of preparedness and also get a tight grip on the basic concepts of all the subjects including languages, science maths, and social studies. You require practicing your exercise to develop your self learning process and you need a lot of useful resources to practice.

Edusocial corners a new successful experiment where social networking sites provide for e learning tools in India have several resources for learning along with sample papers. The free sample paper tests available are prepared at different levels of challenges for you to overcome each level before you attempt the next higher level. Most of these sites also provide for expert support through the chat interface to seek guidance and help to solve these papers and get a free evaluation.


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