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NCERT Sample Papers of Class 8th
Tuesday,20 September 2011

NCERT sample papers are something that can help you exercise your learning and help in you in self evaluation. The interesting set of questions make aware of what you know and what you do not know. Ultimately, you revisit your syllabus to know more. This provocation for you to repeatedly return back to your textbooks, notes, and learning’s helps you use the sample papers as qualitative barometer of your studies and learning. This way the sample papers can help you complete the entire syllabus with planned efforts. Many question for an answer or a set of answers can make you understand the subject and the concept better.

Sample papers of class 8th are widely available at various places. Is it not true that sample papers inspire learners to know more? You should know that to know you syllabus is important but it is a different matter that sample papers help you find the way to the examination and academic achievement. Repeatedly answering the sample papers, revisiting your syllabus or getting done your self evaluation help you direct your effort to gain towards preparation of the examination. A usual approach is to avoid answering papers by not facing evaluation that could be low on expectation get discouraged. But that is not what sample papers meant for.

8th class sample papers can be eye-openers. The set of answers you try to give can reveal the degree of you preparedness and identify your weak areas, where you need to work upon. As you go on preparing the aid of the sample papers you move toward the readiness to face the exams confidently. The self-evaluation should be used to find the gaps and not to lose confidence or get discouraged. It should be used to discover and rediscover the syllabus increase your curiosity and learn more. Once you undertake the whole exercise you have completed the first step to learning.

NCERT 8th class preparation can begin with preparing the end of lesson question and text books. Take the second step to comprehend the whole text of lessons into questions to have understanding of the text book matter. That will help you to understand how you perceive the whole concept or the lesson. That will still leave some more gaps. But that does not complete the comprehending process. Widely available sample papers on various forums can narrow the gap further. The best way to complete the process is to bring these papers into the process of self-learning and answer different as you are learning or revising the lessons.

Edusocial corners, a new successful experiment where social networking sites provide for e learning tools in India have several resources for learning including sample papers. The free sample paper tests available online are prepared at different levels of challenges for you to overcome each level before you attempt the next higher level. Most of these sites also provide for expert support through the chat interface to seek guidance or help to solve these papers or get a free evaluation.

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